About us

Tecnovet is the leading company in Spain when it comes to artificial insemination technology for pigs. The company was created to improve reproduction techniques and respond to the needs of the veterinary market.
Tecnovet is renowned for its Import-Vet products, which are used every day in pig semen production centres around the word.

Over the years our R&D&I department has perfected different materials and techniques that are now benchmarks across the world, for example our development in Soft & Quick® post-cervical artificial insemination, MetroSperm®, our device for contrasting ejaculates and dose preparation, as well as our selections of portable ultrasound scanners, which have made us leaders in this market segment.

Our research continues, with projects to improve our catheters for artificial post-cervical insemination (PCAI), as well as new porcine reproduction techniques.

Our products are manufactured in the European Community using the latest production techniques, which keeps us in the top ranks in over twenty countries and allows us to maintain high standards of quality in terms of both raw materials and finished products.



Since its launch in 1991, the company has been managed under the executive direction of its founder, Joan Morell Bras, who continues to lead the team and oversee day to day progress. In December 2020, Tecnovet was acquired by IMV Technologies, in a move that strengthened the French multinational firm in the highly-competitive pig insemination market, and in PCAI technology on an international scale.

As part of the IMV Technologies group, Tecnovet has access to the IMV distribution network in over 120 countries while its creativity, scientific management and technology are present the world over.

IMV Technologies is leading company in assisted reproduction biotechnology throughout the world. The company was founded in 1963, and IMV Technologies now has subsidiaries and production facilities in Brazil, China, Scotland, France, the Netherlands, India, Russia, South Africa and the United States. The organisations within the group work on product lines in the areas of semen analysis, assisted reproduction, artificial insemination and veterinary ultrasonography.

Tecnovet and IMV Technologies share and manage similar cultures and strengths. In the words Alain de Lambilly, the Executive Director of IMV Technologies “We have professional programmes in innovation, science and development, we possess a wealth of technical experience and we offer our clients guarantees in both quality and services”. Both organisations also share a strong commitment to the sustainability in agriculture.


For more information go to: www.imv-technologies.com