About us

Tecnovet is the leading company in Spain in artificial insemination technologies for swine. It was founded in 1991 as IMPORT-VET with the aim of improving reproduction techniques and meeting the needs of the veterinary market.

We seek to provide our clients with a good service through expert, professional personnel.

Over the years, our R&D+i department has perfected different types of material and technique that are now a world benchmark, such as our development in post-cervical insemination, Soft&Quick®, the MetroSperm® device designed to compare ejaculates and prepare doses or our lines of portable ultrasounds that place us at the forefront of this market segment.

We are currently continuing to perform research into improving our catheters for post-cervical A.I., and new reproduction techniques in swine.

Our products are manufactured in the European Community, applying the most modern production techniques, placing us as leaders in more than twenty countries and enabling us to maintain high quality standards in both raw material and finished products.