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SF-1 wifi probe for Back Fat and Loin measurement.

SF-1 wifi probe for Back Fat and Loin measurement.New concept for measuring Back Fat and diameter of Loin

Once the wireless technology for the sectoral probe has been developed, this same principle has been applied to the linear probe we used for the measurement of back fat and loin.

Although we keep doing an ultrasound scanning of the animal to determine the depth of Back Fat and Loin, the ability to work through Wi-Fi, without cables, and showing image on a mobile device such as a smartphone or a tablet, opens a world of possibilities to watch, share, extract information, ... from a device that has been designed for it.

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SV-1 wifi probe. The world's first wireless probe.

SV-1 wifi probe. The worldAfter years of research and development, finally it has been able to market the world's first wireless probe for diagnostic reproductive in pigs, sheep and goats.

An iPad mini is used as monitor, thanks to its high resolution we get a very good picture quality.

It has a simple software but capable of storing endless images and a permanent recording video (cine-loop) for about 20 seconds.

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New ultrasound scanner Echoscan T-300S

New ultrasound scanner Echoscan T-300SAfter more than 10 years selling the ultrasound scanner Echoscan T-100 and 2 years the T-300, exclusive products of Import-Vet S.A., and thanks to the success in sales that has had, has decided to develop the new Echoscan T-300. Image quality has been improved into a format of small size and weight.

News of S version:
New crystal of probe
Software improvement
Reinfrozed probe

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