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IMV Technologies completes the acquisition of Tecnovet

L’Aigle, France, December 18, 2020.- IMV Technologies has successfully completed the acquisition of Tecnovet, SL, a Spanish company specialized in swine artificial insemination technology and other veterinary products. Tecnovet is recognized worldwide for its Import-vet line of swine insemination products.

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Tecnoscan SR-1C Wi-Fi rectal probe

After 4 years working with Wi-Fi probes for other species, we are launching to market a new WiFi probe for reproductive diagnosis in bovine and equine species.


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This probe’s cutting-edge technology with 5G Wi-Fi connectivity, including colour Doppler, means you obtain a high-quality image for a faster and more reliable diagnosis.

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Tecnoscan SV-2 Wi-Fi probe

After years of research and development, nearly three years ago, at last, the first Wi-Fi probe was launched in the market for the reproductive diagnosis of pigs, sheep and goats. It was the SV-1.

Now we are starting the second generation. The SV-2 has major improvements in terms of battery life, reaching 5 hours of continuous work, and greater resistibility.

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We use an iPad mini as the monitor since its high resolution enables us to obtain a very good quality image.

Although its software is simple, it can store an endless number of images and permanent video recording (cine-loop sequences) of around 10 seconds.

The probe incorporates everything, the integrated circuits, the battery, etc., and uses the Wi-Fi communication system to transmit the image to mobile devices, smartphones or tablets running on iOS or Android.

Until now, sufficiently advanced technology had not been developed to create a wireless probe. Its Wi-Fi module is sufficiently small but, at the same time, it can transmit images in real time.

Its accessories include a carrying case, a wireless charger and a cover resistant to splashes, dirt and drops of 1.2 m.

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Tecnoscan SF-1 Wi-Fi back fat probe

Now that wireless technology has been developed for sector probes, this same principle has been applied to the linear probe that we use for measuring back fat and loin depths.

Although we are essentially still scanning the animal to determine its back fat and loin diameter, the possibility of using Wi-Fi and seeing the image in mobile devices or tablets opens up a world of possibilities for seeing, sharing and extracting information from devices which have been designed for this.

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Therefore, there are many advantages over the conventional ultrasound machines:

– Greater freedom of movement.
– The software is based on an app which increasingly provides more possibilities thanks to continuous updates.
– The future possibility of exporting a large number of images and data to other apps.
– A cutting-edge and easy-to-clean design.
– The possibility of using the mobile device with other apps which will help us with our diagnosis.
– Lightweight compared with the conventional ultrasound machines. The probe has everything, except for the monitor, which is the tablet that has a lightweight design.
– We can work with high definition screens with a high quality image.
– The back fat and loin are measured rapidly and easily thanks to its automatic measuring method with manual correction.
– Permanent recording of a video sequence which helps us to register up to 100 images, from which we can then choose for the measurement.
– Its size enables us to carry it easily, even in our pockets.

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Tecnoscan SU-2 Wi-Fi 18 cm. back fat loin probe

In line with the reference wireless probes, a new probe has been developed to measure the back fat thickness and the loin perimeter and area.
Unlike its smaller sister, the SF-1 fat and loin probe, this one is longer (18 cm.), so it can cover the entire loin eye area, thus measuring the loin perimeter and area.

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To measure this, which will be done crosswise from the loin, we will need an applicator between the probe and the animal’s loin which is supplied with the probe itself.
Therefore, as in recent years, TECNOVET has shown its interest in developing new technologies for pig meat production.

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Tecnoscan SS-1S Wi-Fi convex probe

The SS-1S probe is the latest generation in Wi-Fi probes. It is a convex probe with a high quality image for the reproductive diagnosis of pigs, sheep and goats.

Unlike the sector probes, the electronic probes such as this convex one provide a higher quality image. This enables us to be more precise in the diagnosis, especially in sheep and goats, whose embryonic vesicles are seen very small and superficial when there are few days in the gestation diagnosis.

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Like the SV2 probe, we can work with all types of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets running on iOS and Android.

It has a more advanced software that enables us to adjust the frequency from 3.5 to 5 MHz, adjust the lighting, the eight TGC slide pots, etc.

Its attractive design, good finishing and high quality image make it a very interesting probe for clients seeking a high-end product.

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