Artificial insemination

A.I. Porcine Processing

REF. 10.120

Metrosperm C

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MetroSperm directly determines the number of doses in one ejaculation or the sperm concentration. Simply submerge the sensor in the ejaculate and press the button to obtain the information of interest, without the need for pipettes, dilutions, cuvettes or conversion tables.

The readings are extremely precise thanks to an innovative photometric system capable of adapting to both concentrated ejaculates and diluted doses. As the sample does not require dilution, errors regarding dilution or calculation are avoided.
MetroSperm also includes a precision thermometer that reads the precise temperature of the sample.
Three resistant buttons and the large, easy-to-read, backlit text screen intuitively facilitate the entering of different parameters:
● Ejaculate volume
● Percentage of abnormal sperm cells
● Amount of sperm per dose
● Volume per dose
● Type of reading: Number of doses; Concentration, Absorbency.

Easy to use:
1. Dip it directly into the sample
2. Press a button
3. Read the results:
•Number of insemination doses obtained
•Volume of extender to be added
•Sperm concentration